WINEormous at Danza del SolSeveral weeks ago I was ecstatic to learn I had been selected as one of six bloggers to go to Spain in October. The trip’s focus is to visit 50 great Cavas. Cava, I’m sure you’re aware. is the term for Spanish sparkling wine. Blogging, you may or not know, is not a profession you tackle in hopes of making a fortune. The perks are fabulous, but perks don’t pay the bills. One of the first things I considered when I heard the good news was how much my airfare was going to cost. After doing some research, I found out a round trip flight to Barcelona is going to run about $12oo. So I asked if anyone would help defray my costs. The first person to say they would help, and so far the only one, is Bob Olson, owner of Danza del Sol Winery. He told me the winery is going to contribute $200. I’m more grateful than you can imagine for their generous gesture. If you haven’t visited Danza del Sol yet, do yourself a favor. The first thing Bob did was to hire Mike Tingley, a man who’s been making wine in this valley for more than thirty years. He then did a complete overhaul of the facility, transforming it into one of the most beautiful wineries in the valley.

If you’d like to pitch in, too, you will not only get my deepest thanks, you’ll also get banner advertising and mentions on my Facebook and twitter pages. I am eagerly awaiting this trip and can’t wait to share my photos and stories with you. Thank you.