Temecula Wine CompanyTasting wine is one of the things we do and just last week I called a meeting of my trusted companions at The Wine Company in Temecula and that’s precisely what we did. We tackled six wines one fine afternoon, starting in Oregon and working our way through Italy, Australia, France and California before finally winding up back in Oregon. Here’s what we thought.

Wine # 1: Troon Vineyard 2010 Dry Riesling – 11.5% APV $18 Suggested Retail

I liked this wine and was captivated by the aroma of apples. Brights acids and a lingering finish. I’d buy it, as would two others who tasted it. A few others were put off by the nose. Mike thought it smelled of nutty oxidation. Michael thought the apple aromas were too much. Jack and Sue commented the nose was “funny.” One said they might buy it, another that they probably wouldn’t with the remaining seven saying they would pass on it.

Wine # 2: Soave 2009 Re: Midas from Italy – 12% APV $10 Suggested Retail

“A pool/patio sipper” said Jan who found it light and easy drinking and a good value. I found it well balanced. “A simple quaffer” thought Mike. Amy thought it was “unmemorable.” Jim thought it was flat with little character. Six would buy it, three would not, two were undecided.

Wine # 3: Wyndham Estate 2009 Bin 333 Pinot Noir – South Eastern Australia 13% ABV $8 Suggested Retail

Most of the group were impressed by the value. Michael noted berries on the nose and called it an “everyday Pinot.” Jake picked up cranberry and pronounced tannins and didn’t care for it. I liked the nose, found it not too complex but perfect for the price. Mike got cherry cola and leather on the nose and thought it had good acidity. Seven would buy it, two wouldn’t and Ken said he might.

Wine # 4: SCV 2009 Freestone Hills Pinot Noir – Healdsburg, CA  14.3% $35 Suggested Retail

Jan felt it had a great nose with distinct herbal notes. Mike found rose petals and a bit of sage on the nose and thought it had a nice finish. Jim liked the color and nose and thought it was full bodied. I liked the balance and the finish. Ken “really liked it” and thought it had excellent balance with a dark cherry nose. Six would buy it, two would not and two found it a bit pricey.

Wine # 5: Chateau Lestrille 2006 Bordeaux Superieur – Bordeaux, France 13% ABV $11 Suggested Retail

To be fair, this may have been a bad bottle. Sue and Jack said it was “stinky.” Michael said it smelled musty. No one like the nose and none of us would purchase this wine.

Wine # 6: Troon Vineyard 2007 Old Vine Meritage – Applegate Valley, Oregon 13.5% ABV $35 Suggested Retail

Jake felt it was raisiny and port-like on the nose and that it finished too quickly. Ken found it fruit forward with good tannic structure and dark cherries and thought it was excellent. Sue and Jack thought it was delicious and complex. Two would buy it, two other would if it were at a lower price and the rest of the group said they would pass on it.