WINEormous wine snobWhen I first launched this site more than five years ago and came up with the name WINEormous, I also came up with a slogan. “We’re not wine snobs, we just like good wine.” At the Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Ynez, I met the definition of a true wine snob.

I brought a bottle of 2009 Temecula Cabernet Sauvignon to an after hours party. I tasted it, and thought it was quite good. I shared the wine with a couple of aficionados, one of whom crinkled his nose, put the glass down and said “NGTPIM.” I gave him a puzzled look and he said, “Not going to put in mouth if it smells that bad.” He then proceeded to pour it out. What an ass. I brought a wine to share that I thought represented my home region well. Here are my thoughts. If you’re asked to critique a wine and you truly believe it’s flawed, go for it. If, however, someone offers to share a wine they have brought, be considerate of that. If you don’t like it, fine.

It’s people like this man who in my opinion, give wine writers and critics a bad rap. I was truly appalled. Your thoughts?

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