On the evening of May 2nd, I slipped and fell at home, landing on my left knee and rupturing the quadriceps in my left leg. After waiting to get the correct diagnosis of my problem, I underwent surgery on May 17th. My prognosis is good, although for all intents and purposes I will be off my feet for another six weeks or so. Looking for the silver lining, I thought to myself here’s my chance to get caught up on my writing. In reality, I’m having trouble stringing more than a sentence or two together at one time.

Why I am sharing this with you? Frankly, I’m embarrassed there’s not more current content on the site. I’m working on a story about my visit to Saint Simons Island, Georgia and waiting in backup positions are stories on our recent visit to Napa and Sonoma, more from Italy, The Venetian and Palazzo in Las Vegas and an interview with a member of the Blue Man Group,many more wine tastings and that’s just for starters.

WINEormous celebrated its 3rd anniversary this May and I hope you like the new site design. I tip my cap to Daniel Strickland and the crew at Kuleana Design in San Francisco. Thanks as ever for your patience. I think my body is simply expending all the energy it can muster into healing. I’ll be back soon.