Poggio AnimaThe name Poggio Anima may not ring any bells with you, but it’s a name you should know. Poggio Anima is a collection of Italian wines, mostly native Italian varietals. The name translates roughly to ‘Hill of Souls.’ Each label features pagan artwork depicting each character. I was lucky enough to taste three recently. Uniquely, each white wine is named for an archangel and each red is named for a fallen saint. The artwork on each label reflects the story.

I started with Poggio Anima’s Uriel 2019 Grillo from western Sicily. The archangel of repentance, Uriel is translated as God of light. Grillo is Sicily’s most significant white grape, used as the base for Marsala. With stone fruit on the nose, it’s a delicate yet powerful and well-balanced wine that pairs delightfully with poultry, pork, and light pasta dishes.

I moved on to their Raphael rosato, a lovely rosé made from Castellamare (Zibibbo) and Salemi (Syrah). Raphael is known as the patron saint of travelers and happy meetings. A beautiful salmon pink color, this rosé’s nose offers berries, herbs, and spices. It’s much more Provençal in style than the typically heavy-handed Italian rosé.

Last, but certainly not least I tried the 2019 Belial Tuscan Sangiovese. One of the four crowned princes of hell, Belial is know for lawlessness, as is often the case with Super Tuscans. A deep ruby color, I picked up rosemary on the nose, and cherry and white pepper on the palate. It’s a classic Sangiovese.

Each wine is extremely drinkable, value-priced (around 15 bucks), and each has a story to tell. Keep an eye out for Poggio Anima. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it.