WINEormous with One Hope WineWhat if you could enjoy a nice bottle of wine and lend a helping hand while you’re doing it? I recently learned you can do just that with your purchase of One Hope Wine. One Hope has seven different charities it supports, including End Childhood Hunger, Save Our Planet, Fight Against Breast Cancer, Fund Pet Adoptions, Support Our Troops, Fight Against Aids and Help Children With Autism. In addition to the lineup they also have a selection of gift packages, all with a percentage of the proceeds going to charity.

Our tasting group recently shared a bottle of One Hope’s 2011 Napa Pinot Noir and most felt it was a very nice wine. Jan thought it had a great, spicy nose and lots of plum on the palate. At $15, she thought it was a great value. Ken loved the nose, too and found caramel and cherries on the palate and liked how it paired with sausage. Tony called it a very nice Pinot and said it drank more like a $30 bottle. Chris enjoyed it, too, commenting on its fruit forward nose extending to the palate and its long, smooth finish. Drink good wine and do good this holiday season and year round.