I often say that I am not a “sweet” person, meaning, of course, that my palate favors savory, salty, and even bitter flavors over sweet.  I rarely eat dessert and often choose a cheese course rather than a chocolate souffle to finish a fine meal.  With that said; when Linda Kissam told the Women’s Wine Council that she was bringing a surprise wine, a dessert wine, to the next tasting, I was prepared to be less than enthusiastic.

Enter Chocolais.  A unique blend of Dutch cream, the finest Swiss chocolate and Italian white wine, Chocolais made this “savory” girl fall in love at first sip.  Served well chilled, Chocolais won me and the entire Women’s Wine Council over with its smooth creaminess, not-too-sweet chocolate flavor and familiar “bite” of wine on the finish.  Dessert lovers will swoon over this decadent delight served over vanilla ice cream.  For “not sweets” like me, I envision a simple Chocolais Up.  Pour over ice, shake well and strain into a cordial glass.  Garnish with shaved chocolate or fresh raspberries . . . . Yum!

Chocolais is a young, fun company that encourages their active fan base to submit Facebook posts and pictures of themselves enjoying the wine in feather boas and tiaras.  They want to see “How Rich Can You Get?”  Break out the boas; I’m in if you are!

Chocolais is selling like wild in Texas and the Women’s Wine Council eagerly awaits broader distribution.  In the meantime, if I need to hop on a plane to find my happy place, it will be worth every penny.  For more information, please visit the Chocolais Facebook page or website: www.chocolais.com.

Women's Wine Council (Sadly, sans Boas & Tiaras) - Judee Jachim Smith, Linda Kissam, Carmen Micheli, Debbie Israel Wiens (not pictured)