WINEormous with Sassy Mamas

Shawna Smoot & Kat Ellis

Kat Ellis and Shawna Smoot are indeed Temecula’s Sassy Mamas. Smoot, longtime proprietor of the Temecula Valley Cheese Company, and Ellis, photographer extraordinaire, have joined forces to create Sassy Mamas’ Mustards. This isn’t just any mustard, mind you. Kat and Shawna call it the “caviar of mustards” with good reason. They use fresh ingredients. Everything is done from scratch. Launched just last year, Kat and Shawna met during a broadcast of Chords & Vines, a radio show that pairs wine with music, or is it music with wine? The two hit it off instantly and at an impromptu meeting at a winery someone said “it’s too bad we don’t have a local mustard company.”

Thus Sassy Mamas was born. They started small, making just a few jars and presented them at the Cheese Company and at a few broadcasts of Chords & Vines. They’ve expanded production, but it’s still limited and still all done by hand. Spices come from Old Town Spice Merchants and local wines and beers are used in their mustards. WINEormous

WINEormous with Hart WineOn this evening, we paired the Sassy Mamas’ mustards with a selection of cheese, fruit and meats from the Cheese Company and three wines from Hart Winery: 2014 Arneis, 2012 Mourvedre and 2012 Syrah. The wines along with some bread, cheese and mustard were the perfect accompaniment. Sassy Mamas mustards sell for $6.95 for a 4 oz. jar. They’re working on expanding their reach and have been asked by a few wineries and wine bars for their product. They hope to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to grow their production.

Check out their Facebook page and by all means stop by the Temecula Valley Cheese Company the next time you’re in Old Town Temecula and check out these exquisite mustards.

WINEormous with Sassy MamasWINEormous at Temecula Valley Cheese Company

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