Masia de Yabar – Temecula Old Town Opening

Wilmer and Carlos are both natives of Perú, while Waleed was born in Lebanon. Wilmer and Carlos both practice dentistry, but in 2003, Wilmer planted roughly 75 acres of Malbec in Argentina. They met Waleed at the DePortola location and came up with the idea of opening a tasting room in Old Town. Like the De Portola location, the Old Town location will offer not only wine, but live music and food, too.

Visiting Temecula With IFWTWA -Part 2

Sal is quick witted, affable and has a clear passion for food. He has been Executive Chef at the Temet Grill at TCI for the past five years. He changes his menu according to season, shops at the Farmers Market weekly and has seen the amount of fish ordered increase by leaps and bounds over the years. He considers himself a great conductor of a great orchestra.