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A Woman’s Touch on Keyways Winery

All went well for several years until the winemaker who was leasing announced he was soon leaving. After months of looking for a new leasee and also searching her own mind and heart, Terri went to work in January 2006 at a new career – winery owner. As you might expect from a resourceful savvy businesswoman, she knew it would take a top-notch team for Keyways to remain in business.

Leonesse Cellars – Meet Mike Rennie & Gary Winder

When they decided to locate the winery on De Portola Road, more than a few eyebrows were raised. There were only two other wineries on the road at the time: Keyways and Filsinger. Keyways was open only occasionally; Filsinger was open on weekends only. Several owners of wineries on Rancho California Road told them they were making a big mistake. They honestly wondered if they were making a mistake themselves.