Laura and I went to San Diego last night to hear one of our favorite bands, the subdudes. Led by Tommy Malone and John Magnie, they’re a mix of cajun, soul, folk and rock. Do yourself a favor and go see them if you get the chance. Their instrumentation is unique, to say the least. They started with guitar, bass, accordion and two tambourines. At times the bass player switched to guitar while one of the percussionists played bass. At one point, there were two bass players. For their encore they came into the audience and performed without microphones. You could have heard a pin drop.

anthology is a wonderful venue for live music. There are videos playing of previous perfomances on multiple screens. The menu covers are made from Taylor Guitars’ wood. There’s an extensive wine list. The wine cellar goes literally from floor to ceiling in a stainless and glass enclosure. There’s a tall ladder handy to reach the upper shelves. If you’re looking for live music and great food and wine in San Diego, check out anthology.