Laura Plant

A Woman’s Touch on Keyways Winery

All went well for several years until the winemaker who was leasing announced he was soon leaving. After months of looking for a new leasee and also searching her own mind and heart, Terri went to work in January 2006 at a new career – winery owner. As you might expect from a resourceful savvy businesswoman, she knew it would take a top-notch team for Keyways to remain in business.

IKAL 1150 Wines Of Argentina Tango Into Our World

The word “ikal” means poetry in Mayan native languages and 1150 refers to the meters above sea level (about 400 ft.) where the winery sits in the majestic Andes mountains. The elevation being free of insects and mold allows Ikal to create gravity fed winemaking without pesticides. Rocky Andes mountain soil, optimal growing temperatures, and pure snow-melt water combine to produce a concentration and complexity of flavors that I found to be truly poetic in nature.