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Alex Prestifillipo is the owner of Gourmet Italia, Gourmet Italia North and Spuntino Pizzeria. This past Sunday, Alex and his wife Charity welcomed a group of diners to his home for his 2nd annual cooking show. Alex and Charity’s home sits on a hill in De Luz, on Temecula’s west side. There’s a spectacular panoramic view and the lawn was set with tables, chairs and umbrellas to fend off the sweltering sun.

Guests were greeted with Mojitos and Martini Bianco on the rocks. John Tiso brought three cases of his La Serenissima wine; Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and his Cab-Merlot blend. If you have not yet tried his wines, seek them out. They are exceptional. Live music was provided by Randy & The Associates. Alex prepared Salmone Avocado e Pompelmo Rucola (Smoked Salmon, Avocado, & Pink Grapefruit with Arugula in an emulsion of Lime & Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Carpaccio di Bresaola con Cuori di Palma (Thin Sliced Cured Beef Topped with Arugula and Hearts of Palm in a Citrus Mustard Dressing), Rigatoni al Sugo di Cervo con Pecorino Toscano (Rigatoni mixed with Shredded Venison Ragu, Eggs and Bechamel Sauce topped with Pecorino Toscano), Ripiena con Pancetta Aparagi (Fresh Halibut wrapped with Pancetta and Aparagus in a bed of Arugula Pesto), Cannoli Siciliana (Sicilian Canolis with three different fillings) and Gelatini al Rosa con Fragole e Mousse di Marscapone (Red Gelatin with Strawberries and a Marscapone Mousse). I’m stuffed just writing about it!

We dealt with the heat as best we could (Charity and Alex came by to occasionally mist us with spray bottles), the food was incredible and I look forward to next year’s gathering. Ciao!

Cooking With Alex (click to play video)

John Tiso

Alex and son Luca

Charity and Alex

Gourmet Italia Crew


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