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Women's Wine Council

Women’s Wine Council Tastes, Munches, and Laughs a Lot

2009 Lake County “Ranch Collection” Cabernet Sauvignon. One of the favorites of the evening, this deep red cab was full of tart berry tastes, with hints of smoke, cherry wood and vanilla. It went well with the sharp cheddar, mustard and nuts but was especially enhanced by the chocolate and the desserts, particularly the genoise with its sweet lemon flavors. We agreed that this was an excellent buy for the quality at $19.
French Laundry

Napa and Other Points North

When your guests are paying $275 a head, he's aware you'd better deliver. The kitchen employs 30 chefs, all of whom have undergone extensive training. He hopes his guests leave excited and with fond memories, something they can relate to and even laugh about. Before we left, he prepared a salad for me to photograph. Alas, before I could dig my fork in, the plate was whisked away.