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WINEormous Temecula Wine Tours

Temecula Wine Tasting Tours with WINEormous.

WINEormous wine toursWINEormous is now offering intimate Temecula wine tasting tours.

I know most of the owners and winemakers in the Temecula Valley and can offer you unique insights into this magnificent wine country on our wine tasting tours. We offer tours for 2 to 7 people. A homemade picnic lunch is available for a nominal fee and I will custom tailor tours to your liking. Some packages offer an opportunity to meet the winemakers and do some barrel sampling. I also offer tours of Temecula’s micro-breweries and am happy to do a combination winery/brewery tour. A three winery tour including tasting fees, pickup and drop off runs $225 per couple, $390 for four and $490 for six. A gourmet picnic lunch with homemade sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, chips and cookies is available for $15 per person. Gratuities are not included in the tour price, however they are greatly appreciated. Customary gratuity is 15 – 20% of the full, non-discounted fare. Your servers work very hard and they appreciate tips, too. There will be a $200 fee for cleaning up vomit in the vehicle. I encourage my guests to have a great time, but my tour is designed for those who have an interest in wine and learning about and tasting the wines of the Temecula Valley. If you’re simply looking to get intoxicated, please look elsewhere. Call 951 907-9701 to book your WINEormous tour today or email”

Experience the WINEormous difference and find out what sets us apart from the rest of the wine tours Temecula field.

“Tom was a great host for us. He told us interesting facts about wine and was familiar with everyone working at the wineries. He even was able to get 10% off of the bottles 🙂 Thanks Tom! We’d love to tour with you again and we will recommend you to friends!” Tam V – Stanton, CA

“I am a notorious bargain-hunter, but I beg you not to buy the Groupon. Half-price is so undervalued for the quality and quantity of what you get. Tom is knowledgeable and just the right amount of caring without being intrusive. He is extremely professional and will tailor the tour to your preferences. The pours are generous because everyone clearly knows and respects him.” Kelsey C – Redondo Beach, CA

“What a wonderful way to experience Temecula wine country! Tom is an excellent tour guide. It felt just like having a family member take us around. He knows everyone, was able to answer all our questions, and tailored an awesome group of winery visits just for us! I’d highly recommend this tour to anyone. My husband and I had a blast, picked up some excellent bottles of wine, and would definitely do this again! ” – Jill L., Monrovia, CA

“Tom is the best! This was my first time wine tasting and I am glad Tom was the one showing us around Temecula. He pretty much knew every server and owner of the wineries around. We even had a chance to check out the bottling rooms and have a taste of a wine that wasn’t on the menu yet! 
Every other wine tasting group we bumped into seemed rushed and impersonal. They were jammed into tour buses and filed out at each stop. Tom took me and my friends around in a minivan while taking our time at each stop. 
If you and your friends want a personal and relaxing wine tasting experience you can’t go wrong with Tom and WINEormous!” – Kenneth K., San Gabriel, CA

 “Tom was awesome! He customized the day to our interests and was full of knowledge whenever we had a question. Will definitely do this again.” – Groupon review

“Very knowledgable of winery and staff. We received discount at Hart’s because of Tom and also free barrel tasting. Very much the tour guide and no rush or hassles. We ending up meeting and speaking with 4 owners of the vineyards we visited. Much better than just a drop off. Can’t say enough good things about the service or his relationships with the selected wineries. Clean and comfortable van as well. Tom spends additional efforts to make sure everyone is comfortable and informed. I felt much safer as Tom didn’t taste a drop while providing his service.” – Groupon review

“Tom was a great guide on our tour of Temecula wineries. His insider knowledge of the area and wines made for a custom afternoon of what we specifically liked. The door to door service was also great for a stress free afternoon. I would recommend WINEormous to everyone who wants an intimate and fun afternoon of wine tasting.” – Groupon review

“I recommend WINEormous for anyone looking for an exceptionally great wine tour in Temecula. I found WINEormous through a Groupon special they had and Tom was able to fit us in with only a weeks notice. Once he picked us up at one of the local hotels he took my wife and I to different wineries and when he says he knows the folks there he truly does. We spent about 30 min at each winery, maybe a little longer and Tom was very patient and informative. Any questions we had about wine he was able to answer, and if he didn’t know the answer he asked one of the workers at the winery. We also got to meet one of the owners at the last winery which was a special treat. We also got 10% off from any purchases. Tom was great and we had a fantastic time through WINEormous.” – Marcus H., Las Vegas, NV

“Had the pleasure of meeting Tom over the 4th of July weekend for my wife’s birthday.  I must say we had an awesome time.  Our first stop was at a small winery where obviously Tom knew the staff.  In our drive to the winery, Tom asked what type(s) of wine I/we enjoy.  While doing the tasting Tom asked him if he had any of it bottled which I could try (which he didn’t).   At the end of the tastings, my wife and I were led  back to their barrel room where we were given a taste directly  from the barrel!  What an experience!!

I highly recommend Tom/WINEormous to anyone that would like an intimate wine tasting tour where you get to meet the owner/winemakers.  We will be back next year and will definitely be using Tom! – Mike R., Gilbert, AZ

“Owner/Operator of Wineormous, Tom, is awesome and one of the best guides I have ever had the opportunity to meet.  Wine is a passion for Tom and it shows through his knowledge and the desire he has to share his experience with you.  He asked me and my friend what we liked and he tailored the perfect tour!  His suggestions were so spot-on that I went home with nine bottles and my friend with seven!  I will use Tom’s services again!  And I can’t wait to take my parents on a tour!  Take care, Tom!

I would also like to point out that Tom’s fee is very reasonable, especially for a personalized private tour!” – Kimberly C., Palm Desert, CA

“We couldn’t have had a better time.  He took very good care of us, and even modified our trip to accommodate the tastes of the people in the group.  He even found a great spot for us to enjoy the picnic lunch that we brought!

Tom was very friendly and his knowledge of the local wineries meant that we got friendly, knowledgeable wine pourers at the tasting rooms we visited.  He even volunteered to help us with introductions for larger tours for our upcoming wedding reception!

I can’t recommend WINEormous enough and I’m already looking forward to our next tour.” – Todd M. Murrieta, CA

“Tom is AWESOME!!! Tom picked us up from Baron’s Market in Temecula & we were off to enjoy a day of fun in the Southern California sun!

I must admit, Tom knows EVERYBODY!!!! He’s well-known & well-loved by all of the folks in Temecula, so visiting wineries with him was a blast! When you take a mid-week tour you get to take your time & don’t have to deal with crowds, so it’s a much better experience than doing Temecula on the weekends. We started in the morning & spent the entire afternoon in the area.

All in all, we had a great time! We literally spent the entire day w/Tom Plant & had a wonderful time! Be sure to book your WINEormous tour w/Tom today! You’ll have a blast! :D” – Vivian H. – Corona, CA

“Had the pleasure of Tom’s company for the better half’s October Birthday.   Shared the experience with good friends for a Party of 5…   Tom is definitely the man when it comes to Temecula Winery hidden easter eggs.   The pace of his tour is just right…!  Hitting up hidden gems is tom’s forte and it should be yours as well.  Highlight for us was the Doffo Winery where we had the best damn Syrah in all of Temecula and dare I say California???   Tom brought his A game and is well versed in wineology 101 and the history of Temecula.  Throw in a comfortable ride and pleasant demeanor and you have the makings of a perfect way to spend a lazy sunshine filled day in the city that offers beaucoup vins and Pechanga too.   Don’t forget to pack some snacks, they go well with the bottled water provided courtesy of Tom. WINEormous is, as a wise bay area rapper once said, legit, too legit to quit.” – Roy F. – San Diego

“Tom is fantastic.  He is prompt, friendly and knowledgeable of the Temecula wineries.  Walking into the Tasting Rooms with Tom you feel like a Rock Star.  He knows the owners and staff at the wineries and gets preferential treatment.  I even got the “Tom” discount when I purchased some items at one of the wineries.  He even went above and beyond this past weekend.  He was speaking with some of the other locals at one of the wineries we visited and learned that the last one on our list had day was going thru some Escrow issues and was running out of wine.  He made the suggestion to change our last winery as not to be disappointed when we got there.  We had a great time and look forward to using him in the future.” – Heather F. – Irvine, CA

I just wanted to tell you what a great time we had yesterday.  You did a great job choosing wineries for us.  We especially liked the last two where my daughter joined their wine clubs.  I’d love to do this again and will definitely tell my friends about you.” – Cyndi M. Murrieta, CA

“Tom is a fantastic and knowledgeable man. He knows most every winery in Temecula and will tailor your experience to what you want to do. I am in the wine industry and have been to many vineyards and tastings, but my friend had not. He took us to the best spots around that would give her a taste of the terroir. We had a great time at each spot and were welcomed with open arms by everyone who is friends with Tom. We were even invited back for harvest! Overall, it was a lovely time and I highly, highly recommend this service. So much better than trying to plot and plan vineyard visits on your own!” – Emma C. Manhattan, NY

“Tom, thank you so much for a wonderful day touring the Temecula  Valley wine country. You zeroed in on our preferences immediately and took us to the perfect spots. We will definitely recommend you to our friends – and hope to see you on our next visit here. You are the best!” – Robert W., San Diego

“I have lived in the Temecula Valley for over 10 years and have visited many tasting rooms in that time.  I have sampled some great wine, chatted with the pourers and even got to know a couple of them along the way.  I have ridden in a limo with friends and been dropped at the various stops on their circuit without any worries of driving.  So perfect: wine – check, pleasant conversation – check, driver – check; that’s all we need, right?  Not so.  After spending the day on a truly intimate wine tour with WINEormous, I am officially spoiled.

WINEormous owner, Tom Plant, is well-known throughout the Temecula Valley.  A top producing Realtor for many years, Tom took his favorite part of that career with him as he started a new one.  Relationships with people were, and still are, at the heart of everything that Mr. WINEormous does and the proof is the astonishing number of true friends he has out in the wine country.  A day with Tom will net you at least one, if not many, special surprises.  His knowledge of wine and the back story behind each winery are enough to make his tour worth the trip, but the occasional chat with a winemaker or a sample of an unreleased vintage take the day to a whole new level.” Corie Maue life half full

“The experience with WINEormous is a cut above other wine tours and making arrangements by yourself. Tom dropped us off at our hotel and provided very personal door-to-door service. WINEormous is the way to experience Southern California’s wine country.” Terry & Kathy SullivanWine Trail Traveler Read their story on WINEormous here

When you do a wine tasting adventure with Tom you are treated to a more intimate and personal experience.  I had to add the word adventure because it’s not your average tasting.  You get something that you will absolutely not get anywhere else or even on your own.  I should know, my wife and I have lived in the Murrieta area since 1999.” – Roger Paige www.thefocused

“My folks and I have wine toured a couple times in Temecula.. the first time we went on a jeep wine tour.. which was great.. don’t get me wrong. However, our experience with Tom was much more quaint. Tom was determined to make sure we were satisfied with the entire wine tour experience… from making sure we were able to meet the actual winemakers of the vineyards we visited, to making sure that we were happy with the tastings themselves. My folks and I took our time at a couple of the wineries and Tom patiently waited, which was much appreciated. He never rushed us. He was very knowledgeable about the valley.. which wineries have the best wine and nicest owners opposed to the wineries that don’t have as much to offer. He took us to smaller wineries.. the ma and pa places that the mainstream don’t normally know about, and it was awesome. We highly recommend WINEormous and Tom! He definitely puts all his effort into creating the best experience possible!” Gina D. – Laguna Beach, CA

“Tom is a local with experience in other wine regions but stays true in is belief and support of Temecula Valley wines and wineries. He has always been supportive of our winery and all this after tasting some of the best wines offered anywhere. Thanks for the support for the whole valley! It’s guys like you that are helping Temecula get on “the map.” – Nick Palumbo, Palumbo Family Vineyards

“After bumping into Tom at several local events his depth of passion and commitment was obvious. He has an infectious love of the grape & introducing it to all he meets. If you are local to the Temecula/Murrieta area or will be visiting you owe it to your self to schedule a wine tour with Tom. He has several deep connections in the area and will introduce you to winemakers and local eateries that are popular and hidden jewels. I highly recommend Tom! He’s a great guy:~” – Jacqui Dobens, Life Tools University

“As we arrived, we met Cindy Palumbo and then we were also greeted by Debbie in the charming, cozy and picturesque tasting room. As soon as Nick Palumbo heard that Tom was on the property, he came to the tasting room and started to share his unique insights and expertise with us. I then realized that meeting the owners of the wineries and having them share their stories with Tom and his guests, is just one of the very special advantages of taking Tom’s Private Wine Tour.” – Howard Kotliar,

Temecula Wine Tours with WINEormous

Temecula wine tours with Wineormous are the best in the Valley. Call today to book your WINEormous Temecula Winery Tour and ask about our special offers.

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