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Wine Tasting

Visiting Temecula With IFWTWA -Part 2

Sal is quick witted, affable and has a clear passion for food. He has been Executive Chef at the Temet Grill at TCI for the past five years. He changes his menu according to season, shops at the Farmers Market weekly and has seen the amount of fish ordered increase by leaps and bounds over the years. He considers himself a great conductor of a great orchestra.

Doffo Winery – Bring On The Zin

Edwin announced that Doffo won “best overall winery” selected by several authors from the TOT organization. This winery was picked out of 27 wineries that participated in the World of Wine tour that occurred on March 6th and 7th. As the announcement was made, the crowd clapped and cheered for Marcelo and his family. The positive nods from those that were clapping only demonstrated that this was not a surprise to them.