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How To Install A Undercounter Wine Cooler

Love drinking wine? Why not install an under-counter wine cooler and get to enjoy this timeless drink right in the comfort of your home? A small sized wine cooler is able to store around 19 bottles of wine. Larger counters on the other hand can store up to 116 bottles. You have the freedom to choose the temperature range and tune it to your preference.

Installing a wine cooler under your countertop also glams up your space and adds a touch of class to your home.

Installing a wine cooler doesn’t require you to have sophisticated skills. Depending on how the space is set where the installation will be done, all you’ll need is a few tips to help you get the job done. If any of these steps are too technical for you, you can always call a professional to assist you with the installation.

That being said, here is how to install an under-counter wine cooler:

  1.   Get The Best Wine Cooler That Works For You

If you plan to install an under-counter wine cooler, you must first select the model that works well when built-in, the reason being that wine chillers do have grills at the front that aid in venting the warm air that is emitted by the compressor.

Thermoelectric wine fridges, for instance, need a lot of air to circulate around and are therefore not ideal to install under the counter. Compressor coolers are more ideal to use because they are able to maintain any kind of temperature that you choose.

This List will help you choose the most ideal wine cooler that will serve your needs.

  1.   Choose A Good Location For Installation

For most people, the most ideal location to store wine is the kitchen. It’s basically where all the food and drinks are kept. If you have a kitchen island that is extendable or a cabinet that you never use, you can make it an ideal spot for installing the wine cooler.

Which space in your house do you consider to be an entertainment spot? Your living room or dining room? A home bar if you have one? Ensure that you choose a spot for installation that works well for you.

Whichever spot you choose to install your wine cooler, ensure that it is not directly exposed to appliances like the dishwasher which emit a lot of heat as this could make the wine cooler use more energy. Also, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or harsh lights. This is because wine doesn’t sit well with ultraviolet light.

Ensure also that the space where you install it has enough room for ventilation. The cooling mechanism won’t function at its optimum level if there is no space for airflow around the wine cooler.

  1.   Ensure There Is An Available Power Outlet

Wine coolers need electricity in order to function. If the spot where you have chosen to install the wine cooler doesn’t have an electrical outlet, you will need to get an electrician to install one for you.

Ensure that the power supply socket is reliable. Wine coolers don’t use much electricity. They are actually very efficient in terms of how they consume energy as compared to other electrical appliances.

  1.   Get The Right Materials And Tools For Work

The actual work of installing a wine cooler isn’t technical or complicated. You can do it yourself with proper guidance. All you’ll need to have is a tape measure to take measurements, a level to ensure that everything is properly balanced, and a Philips hand screwdriver to install the handle if the installation was not yet done.

Additionally, you’ll need scrap wood that will serve as shims under the wine cooler’s feet if you have an uneven surface.

You’ll also need to use a plastic sheet if the floor area where the installation is being done is carpeted. Freezers rarely leak. Some, however, do have some sweating and condensation that takes place. The plastic sheet will prevent the formation of mold underneath the cooler. The carpet will also hold the heat being emitted by the condenser rather than having it disperse away.

  1.   Give It Time Before Using It

After installing and leveling the wine cooler, do not plug it into the power supply immediately. Give it some time. Allow it some two hours or more to allow the coolant to settle down. Turning it on immediately can affect its normal operation.


So now you know how to install an under-counter wine cooler. Follow the above-mentioned steps and get your wine cooler properly mounted in your home.