temecula winery tour Jordan wineHave you ever had that craving for wine, but you don’t know the first thing about buying it? Before you grab the first thing that catches your fancy, let me first give you five tips on how you can find the perfect vino that suits your taste, style and let’s not forget your budget.

  1.  Read the label first.

Well, we might not like to admit, but we sometimes do tend to grab the first thing we lay our eyes on without reading the label. We rely on the fancy lettering and elegant label, and we are good to go. Remember, just because the label looks expensive and good doesn’t mean it tastes good. How many times have our parents reminded us not to judge a book by its cover, right?

Relax and turn that bottle of wine around. Read the label, you will be surprised to find a whole lot of information about the bottle you are holding. Think back on the other wines you have tasted and recall which taste you liked- light and fruity, dry and acidic or intense and sweet. Then try to look for it on the label.  It might take a few minutes to scan through that label, but hey you are after the good one right?

  1.  It’s okay to ask.

Stores require their staff to be well-versed with the products they’re selling. So you’d expect a wine store to have knowledgeable and reliable staff to help you in choosing one, or two (or more). Don’t shy away from asking questions from them as they will surely be more than happy to discuss with you their wines. And if you’re lucky enough, they have a few bottles open for sampling.

  1.  Host wine parties at home.

Think book club, without the book but with wine. This is a fun way of learning about wines and sharing them with friends. Aside from the good time you get to spend with friends and family, you get to save on buying wines because you each get to bring one for the whole group to share.  You can make it more fun if you ask each one to prepare a few trivia regarding the wines they bring. Surely, you will be able to taste one (or two or more) that will catch your taste buds. Don’t forget to take note of that wine though, so you will know what to buy later. At times like this, don’t forget to have your trusty and best electric wine opener for all the bottles lined up for the night.


  1.  Wines go with specific food better.

Creamy plates of pasta or seafood like mussels and clams pair best with Chardonnay while lighter meat such as pork goes best with Chenin Blanc. Merlots, lush and striking go really well with lamb, pork and fine cheeses. Cabernet, on the other hand, complements beef and desserts. Ask your guests to bring a dish to share with their wine.

  1.  If red stains your teeth, go for the white.

Unfortunately, some have stained teeth after a glass of wine. If you’re out with friends, then stained teeth is a no-no. Teeth staining depends on your teeth enamel, the stronger it is, the less stain from the wine.

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