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The Love of Wine

WINEormous at San Diego Food & Wine Fest

10th Annual San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival

The Grand Tasting is the finale of a 7–day epicurean delight—a food and wine (and this year beer) lover’s paradise, that showcases 170 wine and spirit purveyors and 70 of San Diego’s top chefs. Temecula wines were well represented. Callaway Winery, South Coast Winery, Wilson Creek Winery and Danza del Sol Winery and Europa Village were showcasing some of their latest releases.
WINEormous Kosher wines

Take Israeli Wines Out of the Liquor Store Ghetto

My late step-mother loved to tell this story. She went to a local liquor emporium known for its kosher wines, and asked for two gallon-sized bottles of ritual (Kiddush) wine, one Malaga and one Concorde. The owner pulled her over to the side and said, in a low voice, “You know, you don’t need to drink that anymore. We have a large selection of really good kosher wines.” “I know,” she said, with a tinge of regret. “But my husband loves this stuff.”
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