Temecula’s Heart of the House

Now I began to worry. Each bite was so good, but where was I to put what lay ahead? I wasn’t even to the salads yet!

We Taste Wine

Al called it the “best $14 Cab I’ve tasted.” While it got a fair share of four and five-star scores it also got a few ones and twos.

Musashiya Udon – Authentic In America

Have you ever heard of Carbonara Udon? Neither had I before I set foot in Musashiya. Japanese/Italian fusion? That’s new one on me, but it was absolutely delicious.

Adobe Guadalupe: Baja California’s Wine Gem

The kitchen, with its long rustic table, beautifully set with fresh flower centerpieces, invites guests to breakfasts crafted by its talented chefs. Fresh fruit, coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice is followed by a main breakfast entrée. Our Huevos Rancheros, “Ranchers Eggs”, was made with eggs from the vineyard chickens, accompanied by homemade salsa, fresh guacamole and beans.

WBC 16 Live Wine Blogging – Reds

Yesterday it was white wines, today we taste reds. Listen to the presentation, sniff, taste and write. 10 wines in… Read More »