The Night of Pinot Noir

Robb called it “elegant.” Brian said, “This one has it. Whatever it is… This is a wine to live for… and to buy.”

Wine Tasting Amongst The Vineyards

Another dark red wine, this one also needs time in the glass to open up and show its pretty nose. There are soft flavors of cherry and the tannins are well integrated.

The Jacksonville Adventure Continues

Four of us joined him aboard his airboat and set off for about a 45 minute ride through the Intercoastal. It’s clear Drew knows these waterways intimately.

Tasting Time Again

J Vineyards 2013 Vin Gris was next up and it garnered mixed reactions. Brian said “I like this. Astringent and bracing, like the beach in the morning when the waves come in.”

Georgia – Tbilisi and Beyond

It was incredibly peaceful until someone did something to enrage the monk, whether it was taking his photo or some other infraction, he let his displeasure be heard.