Car Free Santa Barbara

The Palace Grill has been a downtown Santa Barbara fixture for more than 25 years, serving a wide array of food choices, but with a focus on Creole and Cajun. We started with a Cajun martini, marinated with jalapeño and served with cherry peppers in a Mason jar.

Getting The Gang Together Again

Jim and Judi called it “excellent! Tastes like the grape it’s made from.” Brian called it “smooth and dark like a sultry night that you want never to end.”

Beach House Winery – Trailblazers in Oceanside

For a small boutique winery, Beach House’s wine tasting list is impressively extensive with sixteen varietals of whites and reds available to taste and purchase. Kimberly explains that “we wanted people to come and enjoy themselves, so, we’ve created something for everyone’s tastes.”

Yuma – More than Just a Snowbird Destination

“Desert rats”. The sand dunes 5 miles to the west of town offer months of fun for Quad riders, motorcyclists and dune buggy enthusiasts. For “River rats”, the Colorado River, 30 miles to the north offers a variety of water sports from waterskiing, inner tubing to sitting on a sand bar and watching the world go by.

Nero D’Avola and Spicy Kimchee Chicken

The wine is primarily Nero D’Avola with Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blended in. It’s a bold, old-world styled wine with earthy floral notes and the nose and red fruit on the palate.