The Wonderful World of Melissa’s

Cara Cara oranges are also known as pink navels and are delightfully sweet. Blood oranges are the common orange in Sicily, much like navels and Valencias are here. We sampled four different members of the grapefruit family: Oro Blanco, Pummelo, cocktail grapefruit and Melo Gold, all sublimely sweet, and learned that skin color has nothing to do with sweetness.

Santa Barbara Chardonnay

The Tommyknocker Jack Whacker Wheat Ale is brewed in Colorado, but doesn’t confuse it with anything from Golden.

Holiday Gifting? Wine of the Month Club

I received a nice package last week from Wine of the Month Club. In a nice burgundy colored box was… Read More »

Solvang – California’s Little Denmark

Chef Seth starts with an eight-day brine, then rubs the brisket with Santa Maria rub and puts it in the fridge for a day before smoking it for two days on a mixture of mesquite and hickory. Words simply don’t do it justice.

Diamond Jamboree Center, A Trip To Asia

Our tasting started with a “must try”, the Sea Salt Iced Coffee. It arrived with a layer of foamy cream on top and was in a sealed glass. We were told to shake the drink and then insert our straw. This was truly a mythical coffee drink!