Italy Meets Brazil at Paisano’s

For the main course, chef prepared what has to have been the most beautiful Ossobuco I’ve ever seen. A fall off the bone braised veal shank served atop a ring of saffron risotto presented with a small fork to savor every bite of the marrow.

Red (wine) White (wine) and Blue (cheese)

Kim called it “Kool-Aid in a wine bottle.” Al said it would be good for someone who doesn’t drink wine. I deal if you’re looking for a sweet summer sipper, but not a hit with the group.

Wine, Barbecue and More In Texas

The Dixie Chicken restaurant had caught my eye on previous visits. On this day we made it our lunch stop. The food’s good and the beer’s cold and if you’re in the area I recommend it. It’s easy to see why it’s an Aggie tradition.

Tasting Wine – It’s What We Do

Laura called it beautiful and full-bodied. Jan said it was very nice with a great nose and balance. Kim loved the nose and softness, but not the $45 price. I loved the violet color and mouthfeel. Jim called it a keeper. It scored better than four stars.

The Barrel Room – San Diego’s Incredible Wine Bar & Bistro

Wines come from numerous U.S. and international wine regions, representing several varietals. Wines are selected for their quality, using small boutique wineries as much as possible while keep the wines unique, yet affordable for customers.