Wine Tasting On Cinco de Mayo

Laura thought it was a fun, kicky wine good for easy going evenings on the patio. Jim and Judi thought the name suited it to a “t” and liked the bright red fruit and body. Kim called it spicy and very nice and Brian called it a heavy duty wine, “subtly sexy.”

Book Review – The Secrets of My Life

I visited with the author by phone and was fascinated to hear him tell his story. It’s such a fascinating read I told him if he had submitted it as a novel no one would have published it because it is simply unbelievable.

Three Winery Tasting

I was fortunate enough to meet Alex Villicana several years ago on one of my first visits to Paso Robles. What struck me then was that I thoroughly enjoyed every wine on his tasting list. I’ve returned several times and have loved every wine of his I’ve tasted.

Impeccable Allegretto Vineyard Resort

This man exudes passion. He’s “been around the world two or three times” first with the military and then on a culinary adventure. Military food was “horrendous”, so he’d often go AWOL with his buddies for good food. He loved to cook pancakes and barbeque for the barracks.

Chateau Ste. Michelle – Washington State’s Magnificent Founding Winery

Excited and proud Northeasterners came in droves to visit the beautiful château with its elegant tasting room and learn about how wine is made and produced on its guided tours. The rest is beautiful history – the warm, sunny days, cool evenings and low rainfall created ideal conditions to grow grapes in the Columbia River Valley with continual successful harvests.