Georgia On My Mind

People I spoke with prior to going generally said something along the lines of “how far from Atlanta?” or “they make wines there.”

Everyday Luxury – The 50 Great Cavas Tour

We took a tour of the estate and walked through the caves, stacked floor to ceiling with bottles of cava. At one point I said to her that there must be several hundred thousand bottles. She turned to me and said ‘No. Three and a half million.’

Family Winemakers of California Hits Pasadena

I looked forward to trying the new 2012 Pinot from Frost Watch in Sonoma County, after being blown away two years ago with a barrel sample of the 2010 vintage. The 2012 was also extremely impressive. It was also a treat to meet and visit with Monty Paulsen, son of the late Pat Paulsen, who is carrying on his dad’s legacy as winemaker and promoter for Pat Paulsen Vineyards.

Wine With Friends

Brian always throws a curve. ‘Soapy stuff. Slightly cloying. Tastes of balsa wood. Interesting. Quite drinkable. Would buy.’

The Land of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

I remember co-owner Gray Hartley telling me years ago that a guy came in, ordered a glass of wine and then a bottle and his world turned upside-down. The man was Rex Picket, author of the book Sideways. I sat with Frank Ostini, Gray’s partner, who told me he knew something was up when director Alexander Payne walked in.