San Diego Restaurant Week – Vincents

What I wasn’t expecting was another item from the starters, soups and salads menu, fried cauliflower & lemon vinaigrette. I smiled politely when they served it as I’m not a big fan of cauliflower. This, however, was sublime. The vinaigrette was one of the best I have ever tasted and it was tossed with toasted cashews and currants.

Fearless Wine Tasting

Brian felt it was heavy, dark and mysterious, “like a tart on a hot night between silk sheets.” Ken noted the dark, dark blackberry bramble.

San Diego Restaurant Week is Back

If your Italian is a bit rusty, it’s the local catch of the day, in this case Ahi, served with Napa grape infusion and black olives. There was also a bright citrus presence. It was yet another stunning dish.

Taste of Downtown San Diego

Several times through the evening, my companions and I looked at each other and said “let’s come back to this place!”

Wine Tasting – Another Round

From Ken “wow, very cool nose, like raisins covered in grape jelly with a chocolate coating.” Kim said she could drink it every night. Laura called it delicious with classic Zin flavors. Judi said it tasted like spice cake.