So Many Wines, So Little Time

Tony said “Oh my! That’s a good one. My fav of the night” and gave it a perfect five-star score. Brian called it an excellent Cab with dark fruit, earth and spice.

History In The Bottle – Sandeman Cask 33

“It’s a wine that requires some thought,” George said, “a special wine that needs attention.” It certainly got mine.

Oxnard Wine Trail

Winemaker Joe Hurliman has an exceptional challenge on his hands. He is not Jewish and rules of kosher winemaking is that only a Sabbath observant cellar crew may touch the grapes.

The Wonderful World of Melissa’s

Cara Cara oranges are also known as pink navels and are delightfully sweet. Blood oranges are the common orange in Sicily, much like navels and Valencias are here. We sampled four different members of the grapefruit family: Oro Blanco, Pummelo, cocktail grapefruit and Melo Gold, all sublimely sweet, and learned that skin color has nothing to do with sweetness.

Santa Barbara Chardonnay

The Tommyknocker Jack Whacker Wheat Ale is brewed in Colorado, but doesn’t confuse it with anything from Golden.